tekstikuva-tapahtumiajatekemistaEven though a week on the slopes and trails will rush by, there is plenty more to see and experience in Salla. The jets and massage treatments at the spa help you wind down after a day of adventure, the Reindeer Park will introduce you to the grand reindeer, and the Weekly Programme has plenty of activities particularly for families with children. Salla is also the venue for a number of slalom competitions throughout the season, more information about these can be found from the Event Calendar.

Don’t forget to bring your camera. The dancing Northern Lights in the night sky is a spectacular sight, and help capturing these can be sought from photography courses and guided trips.

If you’re looking for mass events and carnivals, you’re in the wrong place, elsewhere have plenty of these. Here you will discover the contrast of something much rarer; wild and untouched wilderness tranquillity everywhere you look!

Weekly Programme

tekstikuva-viikkoohjelmaWEEKLY PROGRAMME

Weekly competitions, just for fun

Mondays: 2 p.m. Sledging competition on the front slope sledging hill. FREE OF CHARGE.

Tuesdays: 2 p.m. Dumle slalom competition for children under 12 years on the family slope. FREE OF CHARGE.

Wednesdays: 2 p.m. Dumle Stiga Toboggan Race on the Eturinne slope sledging hill. FREE OF CHARGE.

Thursdays: 2 p.m. Dumle speed run competition at the Itärinne slope speed checkpoint. FREE OF CHARGE. (weeks 2-5)

Sundays: 2 p.m. Dumle speed run competition at the Itärinne slope speed checkpoint. FREE OF CHARGE. (weeks 6->)



tekstikuva-aktiviteetitSalla Resort is the brightest star of the wilderness. Salla has outstanding opportunities for experiencing the wilderness of Lapland with activities. Spectacular Northern Lights show either as a natural evening spectacle or the best shots shown as a multimedia presentation. Snowmobile, reindeer and husky safaris give you a breathtaking experience of the wilderness…


revontuli-spaHoliday Club Salla Spa

Bright and entertaining, the tropical warmth of the spa will relax you after a day of activities. Massage jets heal aching muscles and the fell highland views are so pleasing to the eye, that everyday worries are sure to disappear. In the fitness pool you can swim distances, enjoy the massaging jets of the recreation pool, with the waterfalls and Jacuzzis making you feel like you are in a dream. The children’s pool is for the kids to have fun.

The Northern Lights Spa has four different pools:children’s pool, recreation pool with its waterfalls and massaging jets, Jacuzzi and the 16-metre fitness pool.

Separate spacious dressing rooms and saunas for men and women.

The fitness pool offers possibilities for aqua jogging, swimming school for children and swimming technique instruction for adults. A variety of water toys and swim floats are available for children. Towels and swimsuits can be rented from Reception.

Momenta provides relaxing foot treatments, foot therapies, relaxing massage for the back, shoulders, arms and head, hot chocolate massages, etc. Appointments Henna Uutela tel. +358 40 55 11 896



More programmes for children. Ski School organises more events for children than ever before for the coming winter season. The mascot of the Salla Ski Resort, the Slalom-Sasu bear will be seen on the slopes even more than before. Come and meet Sasu at the ski slope events!

The ski jumping sling, once invented by Finnish celebrity Spede Pasanen, has been totally revamped for skiers in the Salla Ski Resort. The profile of the ski jumping sling was fine for a downhill approach, but with its new profile for the coming winter season, you don’t have to be an extreme skier to enjoy it. The ski jumping sling is marked in black on the ski slope map with the number 1.5 and is located on the southern edge of the Eturinne slope. Come and try it out.


Slope Events:

26.11.2016  Slopes are open at 10.00
3. -4.12.2016  FIS slalom competition

3.12.2016  Season opener
3.3.2017  Dumle Go Snow event
30.3.3017  Finnish Slalom Championships: 80 year anniversary competition
31.2.2017  FIS slalom competition
1. -3.4.2017  Finnish Championship Slalom and Giant Slalom competitions for 14 and 16-year olds

The Haglöfs Suomi Slalom competition involves skiing down a rather easy, giant slalom-style run. Great product prizes are awarded for the best three skiers in each of the competition series. In addition, product prizes are drawn among all competition participants.
The Haglöfs Suomi Slalom competitons 9.2. 16.2. 23.2. 2.3. 9.3. 16.3. 23.3. 29.3. 6.4. 13.4.


Salla is easy to reach!

The nearest airports are located in Kuusamo and Rovaniemi. Kuusamo Airport offers a return bus transfer for Salla for almost every scheduled Finnair and Blue1 flight. You can travel by train to Kemijärvi, from which there is a return transfer for the Salla Ski Resort, with the exception of public holidays. The car journey from Helsinki to Salla covers approximately 900 kilometres. You can find your own driving directions on this map.

For more information about airport transfers and other transportation, see

The distances from Salla Ski Resort

Helsinki 986 km
Turku 950 km
Tampere 780 km
Joensuu 560 km
Rovaniemi 160 km
Kuusamo 100 km
Kemijärvi 67 km

Shops & Services

The resort has all the basic services visitors need, but more shops and services are available in the Salla village, only 10 kilometres from the resort. The food shops, specialised stores, banks and post office in the Salla village serve customers throughout the year.