Salla Ski Resort – In The Middle Of Snowhere

Deep in the wilderness of heavily snow laden coniferous trees and rugged fell highland, in the middle of nowhere, is the birthplace of Finnish skiing. People have been skiing in Salla since the Stone Age. The evidence is clear, as the world’s oldest ski was found from here. Back in 1937, Salla was given the honour of being Finland’s very first venue for the downhill and slalom competitions. The traditions of snow play are still seen on the Salla ski slopes today – in a historically spectacular setting.

The Salla Ski Resort slopes offer suitable challenges for the little helmet-wearing kids to skiing enthusiasts and from the snowboarding park to off-piste powder trails. In Salla, instead of waiting for the ski lift, you can fully concentrate on carving the peak condition pistes. There are promising slalom facilities, as Salla has the FIS competition slope favoured by national alpine skiing teams as a practice camp.

Come and experience the snowy slopes of the wilderness at Salla Ski Resort!