tekstikuva-rinteetjaladutRising to the top of Salla makes it all clear. The views over the wilderness reach over the Russian border, as far as the eye can see. Salla is overflowing with tranquillity and space for those who value it. Many return to Salla precisely to re-experience these feelings. It’s not easy to find much like it elsewhere.

On the diverse and top standard slopes of the Salla Ski Resort, the skier never has to worry about crowding or waiting in line. Beginners, enthusiasts, park snowboarders and slalom experts alike will find their favourite places on the slopes. A separate slope area is dedicated to children and beginners at the lower part of the Eturinne slope, right next to the silver log restaurant. Snow Park offers outstanding snowboarding facilities for experienced and novice snowboarders. Those enjoying the thrill of speed can measure their speed at the speed skiing point. The black FIS competition slope, which is favoured by national alpine skiing teams, makes certain you won’t run out of challenges. The thick blanket of powdery snow in the backwoods of Salla, however, attracts freestyle skiers.

The fell highland wilderness is traversed with 160 kilometres of cross-country skiing trails, of which 42 kilometres are lit. Especially for dog owners, there is a cross-country skiing trail where skiing with your dog is also permitted! On top of the outstanding landscapes, while on the ski trails you might fancy popping in for a hot cup of coffee in the ski trail café, or feed the curious Siberian Jays while taking a break at a campfire shelter.

The best way to travel through the wilderness is on skis, just as they knew back in the Stone Age!

Ski Slope Map

The ski slope map can be viewed at

Number of Slopes  15

Illuminated slopes  11

Snowmaking on  15

Longest run  1300 m

Vertical rise  230 m

Lifts  6

Family slope  2.1

Snow Park  5.3

Speed Check  5.2

Speed-skiing slope  3.2

Werneri route  1.0

Snow Park

tekstikuva-snowparkThe best place for snowboarders and freestylers is on the Itärinne slope. Boxes, rails and presses, air heroes and metal shiners. The park slope is almost one kilometre long and the views from the top reveal almost all the snowboarding and skiing areas.

Speed Check Point

tekstikuva-nopeuslaskupisteThe eastern slope (5.2) has a speed check point. The area is fenced off and allows you to check your speed free of charge, or perhaps see which family member skis the fastest. Speed competitions suitable for families are arranged every week.

Cross-country Skiing

maastohiihto-243Skiing enjoyment is in a class of its own in Salla. The great network of cross-country ski trails is kept in excellent condition, making people want to return to Salla year after year to enjoy and relax on the changing trails. Salla’s diverse, ell maintained and crowd-free cross-country skiing trails provide the perfect setting for a successful skiing experience.

The real-time condition of the ski trails can be found on the ski trail maintenance map. For more information call +358 400 234561

Salla has cross-country skiing trails covering a total of 160 kilometres, 43 kilometres of which are illuminated. The trails are lit during dark times, daily between 7.30 a.m. – 9 p.m. All ski trails, apart from the hiking trails, are 6—8 metres wide, two-way, and maintained with modern ski trail machinery.

Salla’s cross-country skiing trails

Length (km)


Fitness Trail



Around the Fell



Kaunisharju Tour, for skiers with dogs



Salla Resort – Snowpoint (formerly Sallan Maja)



Salla Resort – Salla Village



Salla Resort – Reindeer Park – Sallatunturin Tuvat



Ruuhitunturi Tour



Ruuhitunturi – Reindeer Park Tour



Kalliojärvi Tour



Kalliojärvi – Salla Village Centre Tour



Ruuhitunturi – Aihkipetsi Hiking Trail



Cross-country skiing trails in the Salla Village:

Length (km)


Junginlampi Tour



3-kilometre trail



Ratiskaviita Tour, for skiers with dogs



There are also plenty of short-cut trails along the routes, allowing you to alter your ski route.

Cross-country ski trail maps are available from the tourist enterprises in Salla and from the Tourist Information Office.

Places to take a break along the ski trails:

Sheltered campfire spots 7
Lappish kota shelters 2
Wilderness cabins 2
Ski trail cafés 5
(please check the ski trail café opening hours from the Weekly Programme or the cross-country ski trail map)

Skiing with dogs

Salla has two cross-country skiing trails intended for skiers with dogs.

Kaunisharju Trail (12 km) from the Salla Resort
Ratiskaviita Trail (5.5 km) from the centre of Salla Village

Instructions for skiing with dogs:

Always keep your dog on a lead
Clean up any droppings
Make sure your dog has had all the necessary vaccinations
Please consider other skiers
Be careful of people skiing towards you, especially on hills
Announce in good time if you intend to pass some others
You are responsible for your dogs
Do not bring aggressive dogs to the ski trails

Recommended route direction for skiers skiing with dogs

Kaunisharju Trail: Salla Resort – Tunturilampi – Kaunisharju – Reindeer Park – Salla Resort

Ratiskaviita Trail: Take the ski trail that forks off from the school guidance point towards Snowpoint. After 2.7 kilometres, turn right in the direction of Ratiskaviita. After 500 metres, turn right again. Continue straight on for 2.4 kilometres, and you will reach the starting point.

If you are skiing without a dog, you can ski in either direction!

Link to the cross-country ski trail map

Salla For Children

tekstikuva-lastensallaSkiing was born in Salla, which is evident from Stone Age times. Skiing is in the blood for the residents of Salla, so much so that even the animals have learnt how to ski – well at least the mascot of the Salla Ski Resort, Slalom-Sasu!

Bears usually hibernate under a thick blanket of snow for the entire winter, but Sasu just can’t put down his skis. Sasu lives deep in the Salla wilderness, but always manages to turn up on the slopes whenever something is going on. In addition to his slalom skills, you will also recognise Sasu by his violet hat and scarf. Sasu loves the slope events at Salla, and is particularly fond of playing with children in the snow. If you ask him nicely, Sasu might give you a bear sticker as a souvenir of your meeting the bear.

Salla has an exciting Weekly Programme for children, which can be viewed on our Events and Activities page. On offer are fun competitions from sledging to downhill skiing for children of all ages.

The uncrowded Salla ski slopes offer a safe environment for children to learn skiing with a professional skiing instructor. During week numbers 8 – 6, children aged 6 – 12 year have their own Werneri Ski School. With private tuition and group courses you can learn to ski downhill and snowboarding. Explore the Ski School here.

Collect stamps from the starred programmes on the Weekly Programme or Ski School lessons and once you get three stamps we will give you a great gift!

Weather forecast

With the weather application you can view a five day forecast from the town centre of Salla. By hovering the pointer over the application you can browse each day’s forecast. Please note that the weather on the slopes can be 10-20 degrees warmer than in the town centre, due to inversion. You can find the mountain weather on the right side of our web page, where it shows current temperature, average wind speed and direction from the top of Salla fell. The ten day forecast can be found from Foreca here.