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Even though a week on the slopes and trails will rush by, there is plenty more to see and experience in Salla. The jets and massage treatments at the spa help you wind down after a day of adventure, the Reindeer Park will introduce you to the grand reindeer, and the Weekly Programme has plenty of activities particularly for families with children. Salla is also the venue for a number of slalom competitions throughout the season, more information about these can be found from the Event Calendar.

Don’t forget to bring your camera. The dancing Northern Lights in the night sky is a spectacular sight, and help capturing these can be sought from photography courses and guided trips.

If you’re looking for mass events and carnivals, you’re in the wrong place, elsewhere have plenty of these. Here you will discover the contrast of something much rarer; wild and untouched wilderness tranquillity everywhere you look!

The hut at the top of the fell

Have you already seen the picturesque little hut at the top of the ski resort? In addition to skiers, walkers can also get to hut, because the ascent to the top of the fell can also be done along the winter trail. The hut opens to wonderful landscapes towards the Salla National Park, the old Sallatunturei located on the Russian side, and vast wilderness areas.

The winter walking route to the top of the fell and the hut begins to rise from the foot of competition slopes, continuing to the transition rite and from there to the edge of the north slope, going up along the north slope to the top.

Always remember to walk on the edge and stay away from the actual landing area when walking on the fell’s winter walking route and near the slopes.

The resort has all the basic services visitors need

More shops and services are available in the Salla village, only 10 kilometers from the resort. The food shops, specialized stores, banks, and post office in the Salla village serve customers throughout the year.

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