Hiking in Salla

Hiking in Salla

The nature in Salla gives hikers the opportunity to enjoy diverse terrain ranging from fells to lush rivers and expansive forests. The total length of the walking and hiking trails in Salla municipality exceeds 300 kilometres, including the UKK trail that passes through Salla. It is also possible to hike smaller parts of many of the trails rather than the full distance.  Some of the trails are circular, while others are out-and-back trails.

Each trail has its own story and secrets. You can read about them beforehand online and then feel them come alive as you hike the trail.

Our recommendations for families with children:

– The circular route around Lake Keselmäjärvi, which can even be walked with pushchairs.

Ämmin polku (Grandma’s Trail), easy enough to bring your grandma along.

Salmijoen kuru (Salmijoki gully), you can get as close to 800 metres from the gully by car via Kemijärventie/Rojulantie.

Karhutunturi hiking trail, with magnificent views of the wilderness of northern Salla.

Our recommendations for day walks:

– Going on top of Sallatunturi Sky Reacher’s journey

– Kaunisharjun Kierrosta around the Ski Resort and Kaunisharju.

– Going around the area of both Sallatunturi Pahakurun kierrosta

– The trail that goes up to the beautiful landscapes of Ruuhitunturi fell.

Kanjonin kurkkaus (The Canyon Circuit) in Oulanka National Park.

Our recommendations for multi-day hikes:

Tuntsa Trail for those who wish to follow in the footsteps of A.E. Järvinen

Keroharju Trail in Oulanka National Park

– And of course the famous Karhunkierros Trail

More information on trails ski@salla.fi or by phone +358 16 837 711

The walking and hiking trails in Sallatunturi have been officially classified as easy, intermediate or demanding based on factors such as elevation changes, the type of terrain and signposts.

Download the Hiking Map for the area.

We recommend that you obtain a proper map of the area. The trails in the Sallatunturi fell centre and Salla village centre areas are shown in the separate trail map and the other trails are shown in the Salla outdoor recreation map. Both maps are sold by local tourist operators such as the Tourist Info, the reception desks of accommodation providers and Salla Ski Resort.


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