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Salla has outstanding conditions for training, competitions and competitors

By profile, Salla has the best slalom slope in Finland, in addition to the challenging competition and training slopes that are kept in prime condition (FIS classification on four runs). The slalom slope  has own ski lift. We offer good training times during the day, and naturally without queuing for the ski lift.


  • Possibility for using timing devices during training camps
  • Slalom poles can be borrowed from the Sallan Karhu sports club free of charge
  • Ski storage and servicing facilities
  • Sports hall next to the slopes (fitness and weightlifting gyms, floorball/ball game courts)
  • Accommodation close to the ski slopes
  • Affordable lunches and dinners in the silver pine restaurant Keloravintola (slope restaurant)
  • Possibility for watching training videos in the Keloravintola restaurant cabinet
  • Airport transfers from Kuusamo
  • Bus transfers from Kemijärvi (night train)

Enquiries and bookings for slalom or call +35840 541 4197.

When making a slalom run booking, you will need to inform the day, time and name of the club, contact person and telephone number, group size and skiers’ ages, and the sport to be practiced (SL/GS). We recommend to make your reservation at least one week in advance.

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