Skiing from the Stone Age to modern time

Cross-country skiing

Skiing enjoyment is in a class of its own in Salla. The great network of cross-country ski trails is kept in excellent condition, making people want to return to Salla year after year to enjoy and relax on the changing trails. Salla’s diverse, well maintained and crowd-free cross-country skiing trails provide the perfect setting for a successful skiing experience.

The real-time condition of the ski trails can be found on the ski trail maintenance map.

The real-time condition of the ski trails

Salla has cross-country skiing trails covering a total of 160 kilometres, 43 kilometres of which are illuminated. The trails are lit during dark times, daily between 7.30 a.m. – 9 p.m. All ski trails, apart from the hiking trails, are 6—8 metres wide, two-way, and maintained with modern ski trail machinery.

There are also plenty of short-cut trails along the routes, allowing you to alter your ski route. Cross-country ski trail maps are available from the tourist organisations in Salla.
Places to take a break along the ski trails:

  • Sheltered campfire spots 7
  • Lappish kota shelters 2
  • Wilderness cabins 2
  • Ski trail cafés 5

Please check the ski trail café opening hours from the Weekly Programme or the cross-country ski trail map

Skiing with dogs

Salla has three cross-country skiing trails intended for skiers with dogs: Kaunisharju Trail (12 km) from the Salla Ski Resort, Ratiskaviita Trail (5.5 km) from the centre of Salla Village and Kalliojärvi tour track (20km).

Instructions for skiing with dogs:

  • Always keep your dog on a lead
  • Clean up any droppings
  • Make sure your dog has had all the necessary vaccinations
  • Please consider other skiers
  • Be careful of people skiing towards you, especially on hills
  • Announce in good time if you intend to pass someone
  • You are responsible for your dogs
  • Do not bring aggressive dogs to the ski trails

Recommended route direction for skiers skiing with dogs

  • Kaunisharju Trail: Salla Ski Resort – Tunturilampi – Kaunisharju – Wilderness Park – Salla Ski Resort
  • Ratiskaviita Trail: Take the ski trail that forks off from the school guidance point towards Snowpoint. After 2.7 kilometres, turn right in the direction of Ratiskaviita. After 500 metres, turn right again. Continue straight on for 2.4 kilometres, and you will reach the starting point.

If you are skiing without a dog, you can ski in either direction!

Salla’s cross-country skiing trails

Salla’s cross-country skiing trails Length (km) Lighting
Fitness Trail 4,9 yes
Around the Fell 9,0 partly
Kaunisharju Tour, for skiers with dogs 12,0 yes
Salla Ski Resort – Snowpoint 4,5 yes
Salla Ski Resort – Salla Village 10,0 yes
Salla Ski Resort – Wilderness Park – Sallatunturin Tuvat 9,0 partly
Ruuhitunturi Tour 15,5 no
Ruuhitunturi – Wilderness Park Tour 20,0 partly
Kalliojärvi Tour, for skiers with dogs 20,0 no
Kalliojärvi – Salla Village Centre Tour 23,0 partly
Ruuhitunturi – Aihkipetsi Hiking Trail 5,7 no

Cross-country skiing trails in the Salla Village

Cross-country skiing trails in the Salla Village Length (km) Lighting
Junginlampi Tour 1,5 yes
3-kilometre trail 3,0 yes
Ratiskaviita Tour, for skiers with dogs 5,5 yes

Link to the cross-country ski trail map

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