Winter trails

Winter biking, Winter walking trails and Snowshoe trails

Winter biking

In Sallatunturi there are 3 winter biking tracks: the Kontiolampi track ca 9 km, Ruuhitunturi track 12 km (same track back and forth) and Pahakuru track 17 km. We recommend driving clockwise.
Fatbikes and e-Fatbikes are available for rent in Salla Ski Resort

Instructions for bikers
• Pay attention to others who use the track
• Be careful especially on the hills
• Let other people know if you are about to bypass them
• Bike only on tracks that are marked for bikers

Winter walking trails

Winter walking trails take you easily to snowy forest and campfire sites. Trails are maintained with a snow mobile so it is easy to walk there just with your normal winter shoes. Please note that most of the trails are not illuminated. Plan your winter trips properly so the darkness won’t surprise you.

Snowshoe trails

With snowshoes you can easily go to places that can’t be reached skiing or walking. Fells and forests are waiting to be conquered! In Sallatunturi snowshoes are rented by Salla Ski Resort. Snow shoe trails are marked with blue sticks that have a reflector.

Prepare yourself for winter adventures:
Dress warmly, keep especially your toes, fingers and head warm.
Extra gloves and socks are good to have with you.
Note that there is only few hours of daylight in the mid-winter. Make sure darkness won’t surprise you. Take at least water bottle with you.


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