Snowpark on the slope and in the forest

Tree ride area

The tree ride area is opened with natural snow, when the amount of snow on the slope is sufficient for safe downhill skiing and snowboarding.
Currently, the tree ride area is closed.

The tree ride area located next Salla’s east slope and snowpark, promises tricks and advantages suitable even for junior skiers. You will find gently sloping gradings, wooden rails and bridges in the easily skiable and open forest.

Junior Snowpark

The best place for snowboarders and freestylers is on the easts slope. It is almost one-kilometer long ride fitted with big jumps, boxes, and presses.

  • In the Junior Snowpark on the front slope, there is a line of three moderate jumps on the forest side. Next to each ramp, is an easy press as an alternative performance spot.
  • In the Junior Snowpark on the east slopes, there are also presses and plastic pipes made by Reiliseppo, in addition to the line of jumps. At the end of the slope are two wide “cooling jumps”.

The junior parks in Salla have been designed specifically for young skiers and are therefore of moderate size, offering a suitable challenge for beginners and the younger skiers in the family.

On the family slope beginners and children may test small jumps and waves.


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