Environmental program and responsibility

Our customer promise

The nature of Salla is a matter of the heart for us and we work in humble cooperation with it. We want to highlight this in all our activities.

  1. We respect nature. Our slopes are snowed with the water from Lake Keselmäjärvi. In the spring, as the slopes melt, the water flows back into the lake. In practice we only borrow the water for a moment. We have clean spring water running from the tap, which you can enjoy in our store and also fill your drink bottle with.
  2. We prefer renewable energy. Our snowmaking systems, lifts, and all of our electrical equipment run on 100% renewable Eco-certified electricity, and we use geothermal heating in the main building.
  3. We prefer products that are produced close by and responsibly. We prefer local products at our café and about a quarter of the souvenirs are from local or domestic suppliers. In our store you can also find responsible sportswear from our own ecological SkiSalla collection. We also invest in sustainable materials, and as an example we have camp wear made out of natural fibres for sale.
  4. We recycle waste and also help you recycle. At our fireplaces, at the lower stations of the lifts and at the top of the front slopes, there are sorting points for waste. The campfire sites also have instructions on what kind of litter you can burn and what you can’t. All recyclable plastics, incl. packaging plastics on the products that we sell and cardboard packaging we transport to the waste sorting station. You can recycle the sales packaging of the products you buy from us, by leaving it at our store. This enables us to reduce waste and recycle the resulting waste into raw materials. We are also happy to tell you about the recycling points in Salla and how you can easily recycle waste on your holiday.
  5. We are working to reduce our carbon footprint and create zero-emission experiences for our tourists. When you are not making turns and skiing down the slopes of Salla, you can borrow an electric car from us to to drive into the village in an emission-free and inexpensive way. We also have bicycles that move with either muscle power or eco-electricity. Our electric bike is charged with 100% renewable certified Ecoenergy, just like the electric car.
  6. Through transparent and responsible operations, we play our part in the climate. Salla Ski & Active has received the Ecocompass certificate for its operations and aims at strengthening the responsible tourism operations of the Salla Tourist Area.

Our EcoCompass environmental program

Our year-round activities are based on nature and the opportunities it offers for great outdoor experiences on and off the slopes.

We at Salla Ski & Active are committed to protecting and conserving natural resources. We respect and cherish our arctic northern nature and want to make a positive impact on our environment. We have joined the EcoCompass environmental program in 2020 to make visible and lead the company’s environmental work with purpose. However, our environmental work has started well before this, as we have been working to uphold environmental values since the early days of our company.

As a sign of our long-term work for the benefit of our environment, the company was awarded the EcoCompass environmental certificate in January 2022 on the basis of an external audit of the environmental program.

What is EcoCompass?

EcoCompass is an industry-independent environmental management system (EMS) based on the international ISO 14001 standard and equivalent to other Nordic environmental systems. The EcoCompass is owned by the largest and oldest environmental NGO in Finland, Suomen luonnonsuojeluliitto, i.e. the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation.

Read more about EcoCompass here!

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