Travel safely in Covid-19 -times – Checklist for the holiday season


Happy Holidays!

The health, safety and well-being of customers and employees are significant for us here in Salla and also for all member resorts of the Finnish Ski Center Association. The Finnish Ski Area Association (SHKY) actively monitors the situation of the coronavirus, co-operates with the authorities and informs its member ski resorts about the topic.

The Covid-19 pandemic does not prevent you from enjoying the slopes, as downhill skiing and snowboarding are still among the safest hobbies outdoors in these times. However, when traveling to Salla, please follow the following guidelines to ensure safety of all.

1. Only come to the slopes healthy

During the Covid-19 pandemic, you should not go to the slopes if you have the slightest symptoms of a coronavirus infection.

2. Anticipate and plan your trip well

Ski passes can be conveniently purchased in advance from the Axess online store, and at the resort you can head directly to the slopes with your equipment. A ski pass that is pre-loaded on your own card is activated at the lift gate. If you do not have a suitable ski pass card that enables downloading the information onto the card, you will receive a QR code on your phone at the time of purchase, which will allow you to pick up a reusable ski pass from a ticket machine outside the Ski Shop.

3. Remember to keep safety distances at the Ski Resort

It is a good idea to maintain safety distances in between your runs and to ensure sufficient distance to others, especially indoors.

4. Wear a mask indoors

Always wear a mask when visiting indoors, as well as in the lifts, if you are traveling with non-members of your party.

5. Enjoy a snowy Christmas and the outdoors!

In Salla you will not have to worry about overcrowding, for there is plenty of space in the wilderness! During the holiday season, you can breathe more calmly too – give space to others and wait for your turn without hurry. When everyone follows the rules on their own behalf and other people are taken into account on the slopes, everyone has room to enjoy the magical winter in Salla.

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