Powder runs and warm ambiance in picturesque snowscapes

– “Overall, Salla was a very positive experience. There was plenty to do on a two-week holiday”, says Joonas Linkola, entrepreneur and passionate traveller, whose breathtaking nature photography has almost 100,000 followers on Instagram. He spent two weeks in Salla with friends inspired about nature and outdoor pursuits.

Downhill skiing was the holiday’s number one activity. The outstanding conditions on Salla’s ski slopes receive praise from experienced skiers.

– “Slopes are well maintained and there are plenty to offer in respect to the numbers of skiers. There is plenty of space, so you can concentrate on simply skiing enjoyment. Fortunately for us, it snowed a bit more on our holiday, so even the off-piste runs got better day after day”, Joonas adds.

The two-week holiday was such a success, that even a small injury was not a worry. After resting for a few days, Joonas returned to the slopes.

– “Actually, the highlight of the entire holiday was getting back on the slopes, hitting the virgin powder on the back slopes.”

Joonas stayed with his friends in traditional log cabins. When having an active holiday, it is important for the accommodation to be functional – sufficient space for organising equipment and drying clothes. The grounds were surrounded by nature and privacy was assured.

– “We put on our snowshoes, opened our cabin door and started hiking as soon as we stepped outside. Even the ski slopes are so close that the last run of the day you can ski right to your front door”, Joonas chuckles.

In addition to the ski slopes, off-piste runs and pleasant ski slope restaurants, Joonas and his friends also experienced other activities, such as husky and snowmobile safaris. Joonas usually prefers more independent travel, but this time he decided to enjoy an organised program.

– “For once it was nice to go without any plans. The standard of customer service exceeded all our expectations. The folk in Salla are really laidback, chatty and welcoming, and they really were very considerate.”

Joonas thinks Salla is ideal for people who seek adventure, people who partying but love being close to nature.

– “Salla is extremely picturesque; immaculately tidy, untouched and full of elegance. On the night before Christmas we climbed to the summit of the Salla Fell. We admired the crown snow loaded trees in the moonlight. Once we saw the Northern Lights flaming overhead, imagine what an awesome Christmas gift this natural spectacle was!”

Photography: Joonas Linkola

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