New attractions in Salla Ski Resort, especially for families with children

Salla is known as a sympathetic and family-friendly ski resort. For the period 2019-2020, Salla has worked hard to make families with children even more comfortable in the fells. 

We want to improve the service for families with children, says Kari Koskimaa, General Manager of Salla Ski Resort. And plans for Salla are ready for winter customers, as a new activity area has been built at the ski resort during the summer. 

The rope lift has been replaced by a covered carpet lift about fifty meters long. On the other side of the carpet lift is a sledding hill and also a lift carousel to the delight of the youngest in the family. 

The activity area is equipped for fun with skies and snowboards. 

The activity area is colored with different gates and other exciting and activating elements. The slope will be especially fun and inspiring for children, Kari Koskimaa promises. 

In addition to beginners and ski school students, the carpet lift will serve also the sledge slider, as there is a new nearly 100m long slope for sledges and tubes next to the lift. The old sledge slope, over 200 meters, also next to the carpet lift, is being improved. The Ski Shop also hires tubes and sledges. 

Salla is the place to become a master of slopes.


The carpet lift, activity area, improved family slope and carousel together forms a fun family area. The easy on the pocket joint ticket is available for the elevators. 

The activity area and reformations are a great addition to the Salla ski area, says Kari Koskimaa proudly. 

The former rope lift has been moved next to the East lift. Gradual East slopes are a favorite of many skiers. The rope lift also allows even the smallest skiers to get a feel for the East slopes. Next to the lift serves a Itäkota café hut and a separate fire place. 

The Salla Ski Resort offers many details for small skiers, such as reindeer hides on the fireplaces and hammocks to take a moment. 

In addition to the visible reforms, Salla is also developing important background work to promote responsible tourism. 

The growth of tourism in Salla has been continuing for many years and we want to provide sustainable tourism in the future too. Salla is involved in three sustainable development projects, says Kari Koskimaa. 

Much work has been done on environmental issues in the past, and the aim is now to obtain the Eco-compass certification at the Salla ski resort by 2020. 

The Eco-compass is based on Nordic environmental management systems and international environmental management standards and focuses on concrete measures. The Eco-compass is coordinated by Kinos Oy, the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation. The Eco-compass certification demonstrates commitment to continuous improvement and compliance with the 10 Eco-compass criteria. 

Being involved at the Protect Our Winters – Climate Movement is also continuing in Salla Ski Resort. 

The entire Salla tourism centre is also participating as a pilot in the Sustainable Travel Finland program developed for tourism companies and areas by Visit Finland (Business Finland).

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